Get a message if a Hacker enters your network!

We will notify you if a Hacker manages to get into your network!


Better an unspecified ransom and the release of your data?

CYBETOWER® Sentinel is a device that is simply connected to your network and communicates directly with our proprietary CYBETOWER platform® Radar.

This advanced monitoring hardware acts as a control tower for your internal network, allowing you to maintain constant control over the security of your corporate data.

CYBETOWER® Sentinel offers different configurations to meet the specific needs of your environment. By integrating the CYBETOWER® Blue service, it can independently take immediate steps to actively protect your network from unauthorized access.

If you opt for CYBETOWER® Sentinel only, you will receive real-time alerts in case of network intrusions thanks to the integration with CYBETOWER® Radar.

Entrust CYBETOWER® with your protection and receive timely notifications to keep your business safe.


How it works

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1. Link

Once you have purchased the device you simply connect it to the network. You don't have to do anything else.

We have already taken care of the rest!

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2. Supervision

Once the device is started it immediately begins to keep watch, like a sentinel but without having to eat and sleep.

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3. Notices

In case of penetration by a Hacker, the device detects movement and alerts both us and you!

This makes it possible to intervene in real time and block data theft.