With CYBETOWER® Radar leaves nothing to chance!

Activate YOU before a Criminal Hacker does!

Here's what it can do
CYBETOWER®Radar for you!

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Account check

CYBETOWER®Radar can keep track of, one or more accounts linked to your email.
If a service suffers an information theft or breach resulting in credential theft you will be notified as soon as discovery occurs!
If you have a company, you can monitor the corporate ones too!

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Human error checking

CYBETOWER®Radar can keep track of your domain name and inform you if there are any configuration errors.
This allows you to find out if your domain is abuse-proof from Criminal Hackers. Preventing someone from receiving emails in the name of someone within the company.

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External control

CYBETOWER®Radar can keep your network monitored, just as a Criminal Hacker would, to find out if there are any weaknesses to gain access to the internal network.
Again, a configuration error can allow unauthorized access that a Criminal Hacker is eager to exploit.


One for all, all for one!

We are geolocated in Switzerland, and our country's motto is "Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno" or "One for all, all for one."

A solid item for us too!

In fact, our mission is to bring security to the Internet through a "One for all, all for one" approach!

What it means. If a domain has a security problem, it can be exploited, so it is not even necessary for Criminal Hackers to purchase a domain name.


If they can use a mailbox for mass mailing, they don't have to worry about setting up a mail service.

Simply put, if EVERYONE had proper web-side configuration and kept systems and platforms up to date there would be less abuse!

In poche parole, se TUTTI avessero una corretta configurazione del lato web e mantenessero aggiornati i sistemi e le piattaforme, ci sarebbero meno abusi!

Mind you, this does not mean that you should not invest, but we often ran into situations where devices were among the best performing but then were not configured correctly.


Continuous development

The Internet and threats change. Working for years we know how attacks and breaches can happen, we have seen methods, channels, tools change over the years, and we keep up to date both during work and in our free time because security is part of our DNA!

We are always looking to protect against new attacks, and this also involves continually updating the CYBETOWER platform®​ Radar!

We are also ready to listen to needs of those who use the platform, in fact we have provided a special area in CYBETOWER®Radar, and here we remind you of the motto "one for all, all for one"!

We are ready to listen, evaluate, and implement!

What they say about CYBETOWE® Radar

"I became aware of the theft of my password that I used everywhere. I became aware that it wasn't a good idea but fortunately I changed the password before I got into trouble."

Lucia T.

"Thanks to CYBETOWER Radar I keep an eye on my company's mailboxes. The first use served us to change passwords given the list of breaches suffered."

Francis C.

"In the digital age, it is essential to use a platform for monitoring, and CYBETOWER Radar is unique!"

Dario C.