Activate YOU before a Criminal Hacker does!

We attack you and get into your network before a Criminal Hacker does.


Better an unspecified ransom and the release of your data?

The answer to this question is clearly no, but if you have never executed an attack on your network from a hacker's perspective, it is time to do so.

Our method exploits exactly the same techniques used by Criminal Hackers, with the difference being that we are Good or Ethical Hackers and we want the security of your business, big or small.

Unlike an attack by Criminal Hackers, our attack will be defined according to your needs, both technically and financially.

You will know in advance the investment required to execute it unlike a criminal attack that can get starting from a few thousand dollars (euros or francs) to a few million and this varies depending on the size of your company.

Oh yes, they know very well how much they can ask of you!

Unfortunately, paying a ransom does not always ensure that one's word is kept, and thus reputation suffers far more damage than a ransom.

For this reason, CYBETOWER was born.®Red!



How it works

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1. Definition 

We define together that the scope of our attack.

It can be blindly without knowing anything about your infrastructure, or by defining exactly what you want to attack in a targeted way.

Our method also involves social engineering tests on collaborators, just as Criminal Hackers do.

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2. Attack

Once defined the actual attack starts based on when decided and signed.

This clearly safely without creating damage to your infrastructure and in the utmost confidentiality.

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3. Results

Creating and sharing a report that will give you an overview of weaknesses.

This Report is eventually forwarded to our CYBETOWER® Blue service to implement defensive countermeasures